Scottish Voice Show #651

October 6, 2012

Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                         
Technical Producer Co-Host: Mark Korman
October 6, 2012 show log       

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Today’s show is dedicated to the memory of Raylene Rankin.

We send our sincere condolence to Raylene’s husband, Colin, her son.Alexander, her siblings and her friends.


1          The Rankin Family/ Lament of the Irish Immigrant

2          The Rankin Family /Fiddle Medley

3          The Rankin Family/North Country/ Oich U Agus H-Iuraibh  Éile

4          The Rankin Family/ Souvenir: 1989-1998 Disc 1/Bells

5          The Rankin Family/ Souvenir: 1989-1998 Disc 1/Greenberg Medley

6          The Rankin Family/ Grey Dusk of Eve (Portobello)[Leis an Lurgainn Remix] 1995        

7          The Rankin Family/ North Country/Christy Campbell 

8          The Rankin Family These are the Moments/ Dream Pray Love

9          The Rankin Family/ Piano Medley        

10        Raylene Rankin- / These Are the Moments/ Rise Again


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