Scottish Voice Show #659

November 11, 2012

Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                         
Technical Producer Co-Host: Mark Korman
November 10, 2012 show log 

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Remembrance Day Show

(2002) Scottish Voice Co-Host Robert Sapienza interviews

92 year old WW11 Veteran Charlie Douglas –   Dec 25 1909- Mar 20 2003

Sing A Long with  WW11 Veterans Jock Affleck and Charlie Douglas


1      Vera Lynn/ The White Cliffs ofDover/ The White Cliffs ofDover

2      Flanagan & Allen/ The White Cliffs ofDover// We’re Gonna Hang out the     Washing on the Siefried Line    

3      Benny Goodman/ One O’Clock Jump


4      Bing Crosby/ Bless Em All    

5      Mackenzies Pipes & Banjo/Pack Up Your Troubles/It’s a Long Way to        Tipperary/Happy Wanderer

        Jock Affleck and Charlie Douglas sing song     

6      Terry Kelly/ Power Of The Dream/ A Pittance Of Time               

7      Jerry Holland Marion Dewar / C B Live Radio Take 02Hector the Hero

8      The Andrews Sisters/The White Cliffs ofDover/Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

9      Vaughn Monroe/ When the Lights Go On Again

10     Ian MacDougall/ FromFootCape/Battleof theSomme


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