Scottish Voice Show #661

November 24, 2012

Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                
Technical Producer Co-Host: Mark Korman
November 24, 2012 show log 

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November 24, 2012


1   Jimmy Rankin/Jimmy Rankin/We’ll Carry On   

2   Troy MacGillvray/Eleven/ The Piper                                       

3   Dave Gunning/… A Tribute To John Allan Cameron/Freeborn Man

4   Michael McDonald; Natalie MacMaster/Yours Truly/Danny Boy

5   Ed Miller/Come Awa’ With Me/The Wark O’ The Weavers

6   Natalie MacMaster/My Roots Are Showing/Balmoral Highlanders/Pipe March:The      Balmoral Highlanders/ Strathspey

7   Neil MacPhee/Sealladh Sitheil/ O Nach Till Thu Rinn A Ris          

8   Kendra MacGillivray/Over the Waves/Trip to Paris,Campbell’s Road

9   The Ennis Sisters/The Needfire/out fromst. leonard’s  

10  North Sea Gas/Glencoe Massacre;/Flowers O’Edinburgh,Andy Renwick’s Ferret

11  North Sea Gas/Glencoe MassacreNorth SeaGas/Hawks and Eagles Fly Like Doves

12  Kinnon Beaton, Shelly Campbell/Tunesmith/The Old CN Line



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