Scottish Voice Show #669

January 19, 2013

Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                      
Technical Producer Co-Host: Mark Korman
January 19, 2013  show log     

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Today’s show is dedicated to the memory of

Joe Peter MacLean – June 4, 1945 – January 11, 2013

Our deepest condolences to Joe Peter’s family and friends.


1              Jeff MacDonald -Natalie MacMaster/ C B Girl/ Ar n-Athair Our Father

2              Joe Peter with Gordon MacLean on piano; Medley of Gaelic Songs         

3              Joe Peter with Janet Cameron on piano/ My Father’s March/The Braes of Mar/Briogis Lachlan – OR Laughlan               trousers)/The Lasses of Stewarton/ Trad pipe tune -reels    

4              Kathleen MacInnes/ Celtic Colours 16/ Teanga Binn mo Mhathair           

5              Joe Peter with Gordon MacLean on piano;  Lime Hill composed by Dan R MacD)/ Lady Betty Hay’s (Daniel Gow)        /Ca’         the Stirks Frae Out the corn- strathspey; Fr. Fancis Cameron’s Reel (John Campbell) The Boisdale Reel (Dan        Hughie MacEachern) Miss Shepherd (J Scott Skinner) John Of Badyendon reels 

6              Jerry Holland/ Jerry Holland & Friends/ # 10 Joe Peter’s Air

7              Peter Gillis/ Homeward Bound/ Homeward Bound        

8              Joe Peter MacLean / Paul Wukitsch/ Celtic & Traditional Lullabies from ourCapeBreton/ Nut Brown Maiden               

9              Joe Peter with Gordon MacLean on parlor organ Mrs. Crawford – slow     strathspey, Fenella-martching air (composed                 by  Paul Cranford)  Jessie Smith –  strathspey, Homeward Bound – reel           


Obituary:   Joseph Peter MacLean June 4, 1945 – January 11, 2013

Hello, if you are reading this I am gone from the earth. I am here with my parents Charlie and Katie (Campbell) MacLean, also my baby sister Mary Margaret is here too. I never had a chance to know her on earth as she died when she was one and a half years old.


I lived for 67 years, it was a good life. I enjoyed playing music and speaking my beloved Gaelic — my native tongue. I played with the Boisdale Trio, the Cape Breton Fiddlers Association,  made a CD, “Back to Boisdale” and had several trips toScotland.  It is great here, lots of Gaelic music too.  I leave behind my cousins and many wonderful friends.

To those who are working on keeping the Gaelic alive, I say keep at it.

I loved helping people learn the Gaelic and helping people with playing music, especially the children. I had no children, but really loved children, they are so open and free.


I want to thank everyone who helped or tried to help me, the nurses and doctors, those who got me out of the apartment. I especially want to thank my dear friends Paul and Jane and my cousin Dougie.

Dougie , thank you so much for all the hospital visits. Thank you to Flora, even though she could be difficult, she loved me and came through when the chips were down.

Janet, thank you for putting up with me, also Sandra and Stephanie for being nice to me.

To everyone, enjoy life, don’t sweat the small stuff and be good to each other — Joe P.

My remains will rest at St. Andrew Church, Boisdale, on Tuesday, Jan. 15, from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. A funeral mass will be celebrated 11 a.m. Wednesday at St. Andrew Church with Rev. Francis Cameron, my good friend, will officiate.

I will be buried at St. Mary’s Cemetery,EastBay, with my parents. After the mass I would ask everyone who can play the fiddle or any instrument to go to the fire hall in Boisdale, have a ceilidh, to celebrate my life. There will be tea and food.

Funeral arrangements have been entrusted to the W.J. Dooley Funeral Home,107 Pleasant St,, NorthSydney.

Online condolences may be sent to www. w j



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