Scottish Voice Show #677

March 23, 2013

Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                         
Technical Producer Co-Host: Mark Korman
March 23, 2013 show log        

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1      News Item re this years Groundhog prediction

2      What’s new in Suzanne Beaton’s life?!! 

3      Info about the musicians we played today

4      What I learned this week.



1        Stephen Quigg/HigHlandsTomorrow/ Rambles of Spring

2        Ann Murray/Snowbird

3        Howie MacDonald/Live! West Mabou Hall/Henry Ford’s Barn Dance

4        Jimmy Sweeney/ Come Listen Awhile/ The Star of TheCo.Down

5        Lorne MacDougall/Hello World/Mok Music Festival Reels

6        Jimmy Sweeney/ Come Listen Awhile/The Whistling Gypsy Rover   

7        Howie MacDonald/Live! West Mabou Hall/ A Mess of Reels

8        Jeff MacDonald, Mary Jane Lamond, Rona Lightfoot/ C B Live Radio         

          Take 02/ Gaelic in the Glen

9        The Brigadoon’s/ Glengarry My Home and others/ Glencoe

10      Howie MacDonald/ the dance last night/ lament for Glencoe 

11      Red Hot Chili Pipers/ Flower ofScotland

12      Ashley MacIsaac & Maybelle Chisholm/ Live at the Savoy/Tulloch Gorm


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