Scottish Voice Show #689

June 15, 2013

Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                         
Technical Producer Co-Host: Mark Korman
June 15, 2013 show log           

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AETERNAL Ministries



1          Natalie MacMaster/ Cape Breton Girl/Butcher’s Jig Set
2          Aeternal live in studio/ He Is
3          Aeternal/ In Christian Unity/In Christian Unity
4          Aeternal/Live in Studio/ Into His Hands
5          Aeternal/Live in Studio// His First Miracle 

About our guests:

 Aeternal Ministries is based on the message of unity. Their roots go back to 1998 and the Alpha course, a program designed to de-mystify Christianity. Over the course of time, Aeternal has had its share of joy and misery. Many changes have been made with the goal of maintaining the focus of the ministry on unity

 Daniel Garvin, a founding member, is the lyricist and the spokesperson for the group. Hel sings backup vocals and provides percussion. Daniel founded Aeternal ministries with Brendan Kelly in 1998. Brendan left the ministry in

Mike Amelotte, another original member is the lead vocalist for the ministry as well as providing rhythm guitar and he is the vocal coach for the ministry. 

Mike was also  co-host on Scottish Voice and his sonChadjoined us as the Technical Producer a number of years back.

Paul Despault, an original member is also a lead vocalist and brings his gift of harmony to the ministry. Paul also plays harmonica on some of the selected songs

 Dieter Ferworn, an original member, is the composer for the ministry, devoting much of his time to writing new songs, providing backup vocals and lead guitar.


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