Scottish Voice Show #693

July 13, 2013

Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert
Technical Producer Co-Host: Mark Korman
July 13,, 2013 show log
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1 Gerry McDaniel/ Waiting for the Southwind/ Scottie 2 Winston “Scottie” Fitzgerald/ Classic Cuts/ Highland Jigs 3 Winston “Scottie” Fitzgerald/ Sleepy Maggie Medley 4 Anna McGoldrick/ A Musical Tour Of Ireland/Boys from The Co. Armach 5 Anna McGoldrick/ A Musical Tour Of Ireland/ My Dublin Bay 6 Sharon Shannon/ Out the Gap 7 Andy Stewart/ Road to the Isle 8 Calum, An Cliath Clis/ Song to Cape Breton 9 Dougie Pincock/A Highland Journay/Inverness Gathering 10 Neil Beaton & Janine Randall/Summer Sessions – Ceilidh Trail/E Minor Reels (McGann’s Reel) 11 Mac Wiseman/My Cape Breton Home 12 Kinnon and Betty Beaton/Saturday Night Lively/Tom Day Strathspey, The Bog O gight Strathspey, traditional Laddie Reel, Mrs. Margaret MacDonald’s Delight Reel, Johnnie Muise’s Reel 13 McGinty/ Imported from Nova Scotia/ Sonny’s Dream Neil Beaton & Janine Randall / E Minor Reels (McGann’s Reel) Janine Randall was the Director of The Ceilidh Trail School of Music when the CD Summer Sessions on the Ceilidh Trail was recorded, Kinnon and Betty Beaton – CD Saturday Night Lively – Track no 7: Tom Day Strathspey medley – Tom Dey Strathspey is a composition by Scott Skinner and J. Murdock Henderson. The Bog O gight Strathspey is in Kerr’s collection. Kinnon Beaton says he remembers this tune on a tape by Alex Francis MacKay (fiddle) and Maybelle Chisholm on piano. Kinnon’s father played the traditional Laddie Reel a lot The Bog O gight Strathspey, traditional Laddie Reel, Mrs. Margaret MacDonald’s Delight Reel was previously recorded by 5 MacDonald fiddlers and the late Dan R MacDonald leaned this tune from his father. Cape Breton fiddler and composer Jerry Holland composed the next reel which he called Johnnie Muise’s Reel and Kinnon says he is happy to say it is one of his favourites. Johnnie Muise lived in the Red Row in Inverness, C. B. He joined the 17th Field Regiment – Royal Canadian Artillery in WW11 and spent five years in Europe. Mr. Muise fought in the Battle of the Bulge


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