Scottish Voice Show #707

October 19, 2013

 Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                         

Technical Producer Co-Host: Mark Korman

October 19, 2013, show log    

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To listen to shows dating back to December 2010:

1          Clancy, Evans & Doherty/ Shine On Brighter/Sonny’s Dream

2          Brenda Stubbert/ Endless Memories/ Old Southern Waltz

3          Mary Kathleen Burke/ A Song in her Heart/Catch the wind         

4          Bowser & Blue/ Live at the Cock and Bull Pub/ Hard to be Humble

5          Bowser & Blue/ Live at the Cock and Bull Pub/ The Unicorn      

6          Solas/ 1997 Irish Celtic Sampler/ The Yellow Tinker

7          The Rankin Family/ Songs of the Sea/ Fisherman’s Son

8          Carl Mackenzie/ Cape Breton Fiddle Medleys/ Clay Pipe

9          The Rankin Family/ North Country / Leis an Lurgainn      

10        Karen Beaton and Joey Beaton/ Once Upon A Time/ Romayne & Lorraine Cameron’s Wedding Jig

11        Figgy Duff/ After the Tempest/ Centennial Highway Reel/Cooley’s Reel

12        Johnny Reid/ Kicking Stones/ To the End of the Road    

13     Laura Risk/ 2000 Miles Skye Air/Another St. Kilda Song and Dance


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