Scottish Voice Show # 718

January 4, 2014

Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                           

Technical Producer Co-Host: Mark Korman,

January,  4 2014

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1          Rod Stewart/Christmas/ Let it Snow       

2          Dawn & Margie Beaton/Jackie Coleman’s/Silver spear reel, Siobhan O’donnell’s reel

3          Eric Bogle/ The Dreamer/ Canadian Christmas Song        

4          Robin Laing/ Whisky for Breakfast/ The Bruichladdich Dram         

5          Winston “Scottie” Fitzgerald/ Classic Cuts/ Welcome Whiskey Back Again          

6          Steve Byrne/ Songs from Home/ Hogmanay

7          ChrissyCrowley/ Jigs for Lisa

8          Fiona MacKenzie/ Duan Nollaig: A Gaelic Christmas / Paiste Am Betlehem           

9          David Greenberg; Doug MacPhee/New Year’s Day

10         The Alexander Brothers/ Big Scottish Party Album/ The Way Old Friends Do

11         Ashley MacIsaac/ Fiddle Music 101/Set of Reels

12         Sarah Burnell/ Return Ticket/  Will ye no come back again

13         Ashley MacIsaac/ Fiddle Music 101/Big John McNeil

14         Pur/ The Lassies’ Reply/ Air Sgàth nan lomadh Linn (Auld Lang Syne)


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