Scottish Voice Show # 729

March 29, 2014

 Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                                  

Technical Producer Co-Host: Mark Korman,

March 22, 2014

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1          Men Of The Deeps; Rita MacNeil// Mining the Soul/ Working Man   

2          Glenn Graham/ Decade / Howie and Kinnon’s Winter Apples

3          Men Of The Deeps; Rita MacNeil/ Mining the Soul/ Plain Ole Miner Boy      

4          Dougie MacLean/. Who Am I/ Pabay Mor

5          David Greenberg; Doug MacPhee/ The Warrior, the Mathematician, and the Belle

6          Mary Jane Lamond/ Stòras / Bal Na H-Aibhne Deas (Ball atSouthwest Margaree

7          Mary Jane Lamond/ Stòras/It is, my love the MacDonald Man

8          Jimmy Sweeney/ Come Listen Awhile/ Out on the Mira

9          David Greenberg; Doug MacPhee/ Doug’s turn        

10        Dougie MacLean/ Who Am I/  Hide in the Wind        

11        Brenda Stubbert -Paull MacDonald guitar, Joey Beaton piano/ House Sessions/ Rovers    Return, jigs

12        sandy maclntyre/island treasure vol. 1/ Jonh MacFayden of Melfort

14        Dawn & Margie Beaton/ Taste of Gaelic/ Jackie Coleman’s/ Medley


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