Scottish Voice Show # 731

April 5, 2014


Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                                  
Technical Producer Co-Host: Mark Korman,

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April 5, 2014      

1          Jim Stevens with Gary Davis & Nathalie Khoriatry/ Hurley’s Irish Pub A Decade of Song/ Song of the Mira    

2          Ashley MacIsaac/  Ashley MacIsaac/Mullof Kintyre

3          Mike Hall/ Dance Hall/ Cathy “Big Alex” MacDonald

4          Stephen Quigg/Highlandstomorrow/  / Rambles of Spring

5          Bowser & Blue/ Live at the Cock and Bull Pub/ The Streets ofLondon

6          Wendy MacIsaac/ TheCapeBretonConnection/ The Boys of the Town

7          Tracey Dares/ CrookedLake/ Milling Song

8          Ian MacDougall/ FromFootCape/ The Haughs of Cromdale

9          Ed Miller / Come Awa’ With Me/ Let the Circle Be wide

10         TheYarmouthShantymen/ Heavy Weather/ The Parting Glass

11        Wendy MacIsaac/ Timeline/ The Angus Chisholm Set: Mrs. James Christie


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