Scottish Voice Show # 733

April 19, 2014

Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                                  
Technical Producer Co-Host: Mark Korman,

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  April 19, 2014             # 733               Easter                         Mark Korman

 1          Christy Moore; Dónal Lunny; Jimmy Faulkner/ The Knock Song      

2          Carl Mackenzie/CapeBretonFiddle Medleys / Jerome’s Farewell  

3          Christy Moore/ Christy Moore Collection./ Easter Snow       

4          Tracey Dares/ CrookedLake/ G Jigs

5          Christy Moore/ Christy Moore Collection./ Bright Blue Rose 

6          Howie MacDonald/ Live! West Mabou Hall/ Jerry’s 50th Birthday     

7          Core Gaelic Students/ Ill u ill o                       

8          Howie MacDonald/ Live! West Mabou Hall/ First Figure inWest Mabou

9          John Allan Cameron/ Yes!  Let’s Hear it for John Allan Cameron/Lord of the Dance

10        Scott MacMillan & Janine Randall/Summer Sessions on the Ceilidh Trail/on guitar and piano       

11        Art Garfunkel; Diana Krall; The Chieftains/ The Wide World Over: A 40 Year Celebration/

            Morning Has    Broken

12        Jamie Steele, Siobhan Miller, Kathy Stewart, Sally Baker and Patsy Seddon/Davy Steele,Steele the             Show/  Just One More Chorus          

13  Howie MacDonald/ Live! West Mabou Hall/ Buddy Dedication


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