Scottish Voice Show # 741

June 14, 2014

Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert
Technical Producer Co-Host: Mark Korman

June, 14 2014,

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First Father’s Day

Quotes from some famous people re fathers

News Item: Pot holes mender, artist

Fund Raiser: Mile End Mission Lunch
Fund Raiser: Lottery    tickets, Radio Centre Ville   



1          Men Of The Deeps; Rita MacNeil/ Working Man

2      Men Of The Deeps; Rita MacNeil /Plain Ole Miner Boy      

3      Howie MacDonald/ the dance last night/ David Rankin medley

4      Rod Walsh/ Close to Home/A Drink for My Father

5      J.P.(John Paul) CORMIER/ X8 a mandolin collection/ Rutland’s Reel

6      Ashley Mac Isaac/ Close to the Floor/ Livingstone Pond/Long Point/Campion

7      Core Gaelic Students/ Celtic Colours XV1/ Ill u ill o

8      Vishten/ Celtic Colours XV1/ Tempete Des Glaces

9      Ecosse/ The Auld Alliance/ Freeborn Man

10     Natalie MacMaster/Cape Breton Girl/Alex MacMaster’s Jig 

11     Celtic Thunder/ Celtic Thunder: The Show/ The Old Man                           

12        Howie MacDonald/ the dance last night /some Winston and Angus tunes


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