Scottish Voice Show # 742

June 21, 2014

Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                                  
Technical Producer Co-Host: Mark Korman,

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1          Moira Kerr/ Loch Lomond Hills/ Come by the Hills

2          Brenda Stubbert/Paul MacDonald guitar, Joey Beaton piano/House Sessions The Burke’s Medley

3          Stephen Quigg/ Higlands tomorrow/IslandofTiree  

4          Irish Thunder/ Irish Thunder CD 1/ The Boys From Killybegs

5          The Brigadoons/ Glengarry My Home and others/ The Dawning

6          TheBlarneyLads/ Irish Celtic favorites volume 2/ Master McGrath 

7          Buddy MacMaster/ Judique Flyer/ Captain O’Kane: / Miss Hutton/ O’Dowd’ [Strathspey]

8          Arthur Cormack/ Nuair Bhu Mi Òg: / Puirt a Beul (Mouth Music)

9          Buddy MacMaster/ Judique Flyer/St.Elmo Clog Set: St. Elmo / Snowflake / the … [Hornpipe]      

10        Battlefield Band New Spring/The Green and the Blue           

11        Howie MacDonald/ the dance last night/ natalie…here i am  

12        Ted Christopher/ Follow The Wild Geese Home/Scotland  

13        The Rankin Family/ Jigging Medley   

14        Wendy MacIsaac/ Timeline/ The Angus Chisholm Set:


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