Scottish Voice Show # 743

June 28, 2014

Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                                  
Technical Producer Co-Host: Mark Korman,

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1          Music Builders Choir/ OCanada                                                                     

2          Michael Mitchell/ This Land is Your Land        

3          Kinnon Beaton/ Eoghan Dubh/ Buddy’s Order ofCanada         

4          Bowser and Blue/ the Illustrated Cdn Songbook/The Old $10 Bill        

5          Bowser and Blue/ the Illustrated Canadian Songbook/ OhCanada

6          Bowser and Blue/ the Illustrated Cdn Songbook/ ‘Twas The Scots

7          Dawn & Margie Beaton/ Taste of Gaelic/ Winston Fitzgerald Clog,Leslie Reel, Headlight Reel,              Shoneth’s Reel, Judy’s Reel

8          The Men of the Deeps/ 40 Years Young/ She’s CalledNova Scotia     

9          Alexander MacLean/ Tradi Celtic Piano w Alexander MacLean/AHighlandJig,            Peggy’s Jig

10        Mary Jane Lamond./ Suas E!/ Bòg A’lochain    

11        Douglas Cameron/ Canadians on  a Bender to the Wedding     

12        Stompin Tom/Canada Way     

13        Douglas Cameron/ Gabrielle-Lauriers-Spin


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