Scottish Voice Show # 746

July 19, 2014

 Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                                  
Technical Producer Co-Host: Mark Korman,

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1          Dave Gunning/ Caught Between Shadows/ House by the Stream          

2          Kinnon and Betty Beaton/ Saturday Night Lively/ The 4th Marg. Strathspey

3          Stephen Quigg/Higlands tomorrow/Highlands Tomorrow

4          Anna McGoldrick/A Musical Tour OfIreland/MYDONEGALSHORE          

5          Brid Cranitch & Sheila Garry/ Irish Music MagazineMilwaukee2003Sampler/

            Drowsey Maggie/Cooley’s/Wise Maid

6          Irish Rebel Songs: A Nation Once Again Disc 1/ Irish Soldier Laddie

7          Ian MacDougall/ FromFootCape/ Dunnie Mains

8          Ardyth Robinson  & Jennifer Wyatt / Awakening/ Hush, Hush

9          Howie MacDonald/TheCapeBretonConnection/ Kills on Fire

10         John Allan Cameron/ Here Comes John Allan Cameron/ Peggy Gordon

11         John Allan Cameron/ Here Comes John Allan Cameron/ Medley

12        Tracey Cavanaugh, L Ron Gillis, M Schane MacLean/ Lyrical Expression/Barra Connection     

13        Jerry Holland/ Fiddler’s Choice/ Thelma MacPherson’s Raises Bass Set

14         Alexander Maclean/Across The Ocean Wave/TheMillburnHornpipe,  Alexander Thom’s Reel, Fire Away             Hornpipe


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