Scottish Voice Show # 751

August 23, 2014

Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                                  
Technical Producer Co-Host: Mark Korman

Aug 23 2014

In Remembrance:  Buddy MacMaster dec, Aug 20 2014                 
Donald Angus Beaton Set: Dan R’s Favourite (Strathspey)/ Willie Fraser’


            1          Jim Stevens with Gary Davis & Nathalie Khoriatry/Hurley’s Irish Pub A Decade of Song/ Song of the Mira
2          Douglas Cameron/Tamerac’er Down
3          P Williams/T om Mills/ Crossing the Bridge/ The Giant Fiddle|
4          Irish Rovers/ Til This Day Is Done
5          Buddy MacMaster/ Judique Flyer/ Mrs. Ferguson of Reaths: / [Air]
|6          Mary Jane Lamond/ Celtic Collection [Putumayo]/ Cagaran Goalach
7          J.P. Cormier/ Heart and Soul/Me & Gelas|
8          Ed Miller/Live at the Cactus Café/ The Buildings/The Old Pubs/ 
9          Tracey Dares & Paul Macneil/ Castlebay Scottish Music/Rural Attitudes
10         Kenzie MacNeil/Yes!  Let’s hear it for John Allan Cameron /The Island
11         Buddy MacMaster/Judique Flyer/ E Minor Jigs: Golden Keyboard / Swallowtail Jig/



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