Second Sight

July 8, 2009

In the mid seventeenth century there was and old woman who lived near Pitcaple Castle who was believed to have second sight. One day this old woman met with Sir John Leslie, Laird of Pitcaple castle and his wife Agnes Ramsay of Balmayne. the old lady said to her:

If a robin redbreast in your home appear
It is a warning you should heed and fear
He brings you tidings that a loved one of your ain
Will journey forth and ne’er come back again

Years later the Lady Ramsay found a robin on her pillow. She immediately released it but remembered the rhyme the old lady had chanted. She soon received news that Jamie Graham, marquis, Statesman, and General had been taken to the scaffold in Edinburgh. It was still the same at Pitcaple with the robins appearing inside the house to warn of sad news until 1978. The last time a robin appeared inside the house was December 1978. Shortly afterward news came that a cousin had died.


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