Show # 748

August 2, 2014

Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                                  
Technical Producer Co-Host: Mark Korman
August 2, 2014

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1          Brigadoon/ Glengarry My Home and others/ Glengarry My Home        
2          Brigadoon / Glengarry My Home /Pipers of Glengar|
3          Brenda  (Fiddle), Howie MacD (Piano), Dave MacIsaac (Guitar)/Different Srokes with Different Folks /Remembering Jerry Holland: The Vega Mandolin, Golden Legs           
4          Mildred Small/ Away from the Roll of the Sea/ My Old Scotia Home
5          Brenda S (Fiddle), Howie MacD (Piano), Dave MacIsaac (Guitar), Jerry Deveaux (Spoons)/ Different Srokes with Different Folks/ Four String Polka |
6          The Brigadoons/ Glengarry My Home/ March of the Cameron Men
7          Kenneth MacKenzie, Jackie Dunn MacIsaac/ C B Live Radio Take 0Piob Mhor         
8          Brenda  (Fiddle), Howie MacD (Piano), Dave MacIsaac (Guitar)          Different Srokes with Different `            Folks/ Joe Neil
9          Morgan MacQuarrie/ Kenloch Ceilidh/ Bog an Lachan 
10        Salty Dog/ Ruff/ The Leaving of Liverpool/
11        Salty Dog/ Ruff/ Whisky in the Jar


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