‘Storyteller’ the film event, Montreal

April 4, 2012

‘Storyteller’ the film will be hosting a fundraising musical event on Friday April 6th at McKibbin’s Irish pub on Bishop Street in downtownMontreal. 

Starting at 6:30, Local musicians will be performing in the upstairs Toucan room while guests partake of McKibbin’s pub fare.


There will also be holding a 50/50 raffle, with tickets on sale at the event; and there will be other Irish-themed treasures from donors.


People from our local Gaelic Athletic Club Shamrocks, the Concordia Irish Studies community, and the SiamsaschoolofIrishmusic and dance will be there – and of course the filmmaking team from Stone Foundation Productions.


Admission is free, spread the word and don’t miss out!


The Film  Project

The landscape ofMontrealis changing: the Irish families are gone from Griffintown, developers have moved in. How can we retain a positive connection with our past?  We can preserve how the neighborhood looks now on film, before it changes forever.


That’s what we plan to do; we want to retain an image and an atmosphere of importance, and to tell a story of hope. Through story we can sometimes heal old wounds without losing touch with the past; through story we can move forward, and live in the hopes of our children and the future they bring.



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