The Geography Of Scotland

August 30, 2009

Scotland is divided into three main regions:

The Midland Valley, the Southern Uplands, and the Highlands
Much of the uplands in the UK are found in Scotland giving Scotland majesty and beauty.. Scotland is 274 miles long and varies in dept from 24 to 154 miles wide. It covers 31,510 sq. miles in total.

Within the Hebrides, Shetland, and Orkneys there are 787 islands.. There are twenty-six rivers that flow directly to the sea. The three main ones are the Clyde, Forth, and Tay they support Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee.

The official language is English, however Gaelic is spoken in the Highlands and Islands. Whereas Scots is spoken in the Lowlands.
Scotland, along with England, Wales, and Northern Ireland form the United Kingdon. Scotland is found at the northern part of the Island of Great Breton.
Most of Scotland’s industry is located within the Midland Valley.


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