The Official Coat of Arms

July 8, 2009


On Monday, July 21st, 1997, the Chief Herald of Canada, Mr. Robert D. Watt, presented the Letters Patent granting an official Coat of Arms, Flag and a Badge for the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.
Following is a brief description of the main symbols used to identify the authority, activities, personnel, and property of the Coat of Arms, Flag, and Badge of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.

The Coat of Arms:
In the Regional Municipality’s Coat of Arms the shield has a green background with a Cape Breton Sloop in gold and silver with white sails. Around the edge of the shield is a double border of gold with eight maple leaves. The primary colours of green and gold were chosen to reflect the Cape Breton tartan. The Cape Breton Sloop was originally recognized and granted in 1820 when Cape Breton was a separate British Colony and is depicted in the Great Seal of Cape Breton (c. 1820). The eight maple leaves honors the legacy of the eight former municipalities which were amalgamated to form the Regional municipality and are linked together by a double border which reflects the amalgamation.
The Flag:
The flag is basically the green shield with the Cape Breton Sloop in Gold and White (the sails) surrounded by the double border connecting the eight maple leaves. Like the flag of Canada, the flag for the Regional Municipality will be readily identifiable because it is so unique.

The official Badge.
This badge is essentially 8 golden maple leaves joined together at their stems; and over the maple leafs is an green octagon bearing the Cape Breton Sloop in gold and silver. The octagon refers to the unit that was formed by this amalgamation. Surmounting the octagon is the Cape Breton Sloop, taken from the Great Seal of Cape Breton.

The Process:
The sub-committee consisted of the then
Deputy Mayor Clarence Prince as Chairperson
Councilors Art MacDonald and Wes Stubbert
Mr. James MacCormack Corporate Services Administrator
Citizen appointees: Mr. Barry Gabriel, former Curator of the Art Gallery at the University College of Cape Breton and Mr. Stewart LeForte, a member of the Heraldry Society of Canada, The Heraldry Society of England, and the American College of Heraldry, and who was granted his own Coat of Arms on April 23 1996 by the Canadian Heraldic Authority.
Cape Breton Regional Municipality


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