Tommy Armour

August 5, 2009

Born in Edinburgh 1895-1968
Armour lost his sight after being injured during the First World War. When he regained sight in his right eye, he decided to make a career out of golf, a sport his enjoyed as a youth. In 1920 he won the French Amateur Championship. In 1920 he became a professional golfer and soon earned a reputation as a good teacher, In 1927 he won his first major victory, the US Open. That same year he won the Canadian Open and four other tournaments . In 1929 he won the Western Open. He reached the PGA tournament finals twice but in 1931 he won the British Open which completed his sweep of the three most important tournaments open to professional golfers. He retired in 1935 but continued teaching. In 1952, along with Herb Graffis, he wrote How To Play Your Best Golf All The Time which became the best-selling golf instruction book in history.


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