Tyranny in Radio Centre-Ville

February 1, 2017

Febuary 1st 2017, Montreal : The members of the multicultural station Radio Centre-Ville are mobilizing against the commercialization of airtime and the disregard of democratic and transparency principles by the executive board. Radio Centre-Ville has existed for 42 years and it is an important institution of the media and community environment of Montreal. The current crisis at the radio raises legitimate concerns for its members and partner organizations. For the last months, the executive board has ignored the members’ decisions and has imposed a new programming that goes against the radio vocation. The height of the crisis has been the general assembly of January 22nd, which was marked with irregularities and in which several dozens of unknown persons arrived and acted like legitimate members. 
 Representatives from different linguistic teams at Radio Centre-Ville are calling a press conference to inform the media and to defend the democratic principles of this organization that has been part of Montreal for 40 years.
When Febuary 2, 2017 at 9h30 AM. 
Where : CSN – 1601 avenue De Lorimier, salle 2945 (2e floor) Montréal, QC.
For information :
Pascal Lapointe. 514.566.2641.pascal@sciencepresse.qc.ca
Roberto Núñez. 514.806.2986. roberto_uri@hotmail.com

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