Unwelcomed Captives

August 23, 2009

As I entered the kitchen the kettle whistled it’s urgent, shrill call. Glancing up at the clock, I thought, ‘perfect timing.’ My husband worked a 6 p.m. to 3 a.m. shift this week. I prepared his very large, very strong, very hot cup of coffee. That was the easiest way to wake him up. Hold it under his nose for a second or two, those large, hazel eyes would hide behind their heavy lids but they would open. Thinking about his love for coffee I carefully carried the hot mug towards the bedroom.
Suddenly a confusion of noises came from the front door. My young son appeared briefly yelling something. As quickly as the door opened it slammed shut again. Cuddles, our small dog became a vicious, frantic, barking, animal. Snarling and yapping he chased after a screaming, hissing cat. A cat? What cat? We don’t own a cat, I thought.
Dropping the hot coffee on the hall table I tried to reassure my startled husband that all was o okay. The cat raced hissing and screaming looking for an exit. The dog ferociously chased after it. In hot pursuit I brought up the rear, so to speak.
Capturing the dog I locking her up behind a bedroom door. Her furious yelps continuing to frighten the cat making it near impossible for me to capture the terrified cat. However, I finally succeeded in returning it outdoors. Cuddles released for her prison went in search of the enemy and I, picking up the cup of coffee I made my way towards the complaining voice coming from the bedroom. A moment later the furrow began all over again. I could hardly believe my ears when I heard my son yell above the raging sounds of hostile animals “Here’s another one.” After the arrival of the third cat I didn’t take any chances. I locked the dog up. Let the cat run free and went in search of my son. I ordered him to stop finding lost cats. He couldn’t understand why? They’re so nice. They haven’t any home. They’re hungry. I’ll take care of them, pleeeese? Pleeese!


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