What’s In A Word?

August 21, 2009

Yesterday I had a long distance telephone call from my daughter Ellen who resides in Calgary. It is still her custom to say a prayer at night before going to sleep. The night at bedtime while she was praying she realized she did not know the meaning of one of the words in a prayer she has been saying since childhood.
At work the following morning she went in search of the word in a dictionary. Unable to find it, she approached a co-worker. After discussing the quandary, her friend suggested she repeat the entire line containing the perplexing word.
My daughter complied; “Angel of God my guardian dear To hoonse God’s love…”
After a moment of respectful silence…
”The word is whom’s” Her non-catholic friend said.
“Oh!” said Ellen in a very hushed voice.
Seconds later her exhilarated laughter filled the office as she reached for the telephone to inform me of her new knowledge.


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