Who Would Have Thought

August 27, 2009

John, hospitalized for a urinary tract problem, had to produce a sample of his urine for testing every day. Consequently a close watch was kept on the amount of liquid he ingested. His dislike of juice, especially apple juice, soon forced his creative mind into action.
A young, attractive nurse on morning duty insisted he drink every drop of the measured fluid. Not to be undone, John decided one day to rid himself of the problem by pouring his morning apple juice into a sterilized specimen bottle.
Just before Doctor’s Rounds the unsuspecting nurse went into John’s room to collect his morning specimen. Examining its appearance, she commented, “It looks a bit cloudy to-day.”
With a concerned look on his face he leaned over and retrieved the bottle from her hand, studying it for a moment. Much to the horror of the startled young nurse, he opened the container saying;
“Oh well, lets recycle it” and he drank its contents.
At that moment the doctors arrived for their morning rounds. Entering John’s hospital room they were met by a hysterical nurse and a relaxed, happy patient. The traumatized nurse, unable to speak, beat a quick retreat from the room.


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